Free Pedigree Puppy Pack


Get a Free Puppy Care Pack from Pedigree – A puppy doesn’t come with a set of instructions from starting out to fully grown so it can be hard to know what to do. Pedigree Puppy Club has put together eight expert guides which takes the owner through the whole exciting process one month at a time. Whatever stages the puppy has reached, owners will find all the relevant information they need, about nutrition, health and behaviour.



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5 Responses to “Free Pedigree Puppy Pack”

  1. i would to recieve this puppy pack

  2. Just got puppy and don’t no very much any help would be good thaks

  3. takes u to

  4. Would love a free puppy sample pack am interested in any info Tec on puppies will get mine in 5weeks and am trying to find out as much as I can from experts like yourselves and samples to make I give her the best. Thanks

  5. Just got a puppy x

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