Free Vegetable Seeds

Free Seeds for Gardeners

Free Seeds for Gardeners give away free packets of seeds to gardeners and allotment owners. There are 2 ways for the green fingered amongst you to get your hands on these free seeds so you can tuck into some home grown fruit and veg from your garden, vegetable patch or allotment. 

You can either get 10 free packs of vegetable seeds by placing a link on your website or blog (or one for your allotment society/gardening club) to:

SeedsDirect for Vegetable Seeds – SeedDirect offers fantastic value for the highest quality vegetable seeds in the UK. Over 300 varieties with next day shipping

Or if you don’t already have a blog you can start one on their special site for gardeners. These blogs are reviewed every 3 months and every active blogger will get 10 packets of free seeds – that’s 40 free packs a year!



Here’s a photo of the free seeds we got in the post this morning from

Free Vegetable Seeds from

Free Vegetable Seeds from


The seeds included: 

  • Radish Cherry Bell -1000 seeds
  •  Hot Pepper Scotch Bonnet – 25 seeds
  • Rhubarb Glaskin’s Perpetual – 100 seeds
  • Leek Musselburgh – 400 seeds
  • Herb Coriander – 500 seeds
  • Carrots Amsterdam Forcing – 2000 seeds
  • Spinach Reddy – 400 seeds
  • Courgette Ambassador 13 seeds
  • Water Cress – 500 seeds

Time to get growing!

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45 Responses to “Free Vegetable Seeds”

  1. plz can u send me free seeds


  3. l like too try the veg seeds out plz

  4. This summer I really want to grow and eat my own vegetables.

  5. This is a fantastic gift. Thank you. It will go towards my works community gardening project.

  6. just wondered if you have any seeds to give away i have my own allotment that i have just got 2 weeks ago and have nothing to put in x

  7. Hello,
    We are students at Portsmouth College and for our health and social care course, we are going to promote a health campaign. The topic of our campaign is healthy eating. We wondered if you would be able to send us these seeds and any other freebies you feel would be suitable for our camapign.

    Many thanks and we hope to hear from you soon,

    Olivia Dewing and portsmouth college students

    Portsmouth College
    Tangier Road
    PO3 6PZ

  8. Hi i shared ur link on my facebook page would love some free seeds as i hav a vegetable patch and also any info regarding grow your own veg would be great as im new to this thanks, fingers crossed

  9. i would love some of these free seeds for my garden, we lived in a flat before and have recently moved to a house with a garden and have started planting some seeds , shrubs etc, and it would be great to get some more free seeds to continue our gardening, many thanks cherise

  10. Hi, I shared your link on facebook. Have recently acquired a small allotment and would be grateful for any seeds you could send me so that I can plant a variety of vegetables etc. asap.

  11. thanks

  12. Hi, I want to know if I can obtain the ten free packets of seeds. Many thanks.

  13. Could I have seeds please childminder starting allotment x

  14. hi is the freebee happening again in 2013 as i an scout leader we are looking at doing the smallholders badge wondered if their would be any veg seeds available that the kids could grow any help / advice apreciated
    thank you

  15. Hello all nice to see if seeds are free. Cheaper to grow your own veg and its nicer in taste

  16. can i please have some free seeds for my allotment

  17. Family effort of allomenteers, and always looking for more things to grow, would love these seeds please!!

  18. Please send me some free seeds as my daughter has allergies and need everything to be as fresh as possible.

    Thank you

  19. I would love to have those seeds for my small home nursery kids would love it to grown something by themselves :) )

  20. As an avid (although more enthusiam than skill) gardener, with my own vegetable patch in the garden, and a half plot allotment I’m looking forward to starting, I’d be very grateful for some of your free seeds, especially the hot pepper seeds.
    Many thanks & Kind regards

  21. please can i have free seeds as i would like to get my daughter into gardening x

  22. i would like 2 try your seeds

  23. Looking for moor things to grow in my veg patch so cn u please send me some seeds

  24. can i please have some free seeds for my small garden and indoor grow

  25. hi, have just got my very first allotment and would love some seeds please!!!! Happy Farming!!!

  26. Please can you send me the free seeds, my dad has just started an allotment

  27. I would love some free seeds for me and my son to get going in our new garden! At the moment I have a huge mud pit!!!! Please help us out as we have no budget whatsoever, and we want to make the most of the space! Thank you, Jen

  28. My daughters nursery are growing vegetables this summer so I would really appreciate any seeds that you have going spare. If this is possible, my address is 139 queensway, torquay, Devon. Many thanks. X

  29. I am a primary school teacher and my Year 3 class would love to grow their own vegetables. Please can you send us some free seeds. Thank you.

  30. Hi pls send me free seeds

  31. Would love the seeds for my minded kiddies to help me to plant and grow xx

  32. i love to gardening and just love growing vegetables in my garden in is fun hope i win

  33. looking for seeds to start or local nursery’s project for the kids and the community in or area as we have just been allocated land for an allotment would be most helpfull many thanks .

  34. Please can I have the 10 packets of free seeds. Would be great for the veggie patch.

  35. This summer I really want to grow and eat my own vegetables.

  36. i would like the seeds please so i can grow them with my little girl and show her how they grow and how tasty they are

  37. pleeease

  38. Please can I have some FREE seeds

  39. I am trying to get my 2 chrildren into growing veg and would love this freebie

  40. I am a first time veg grower and would love these freebie seeds to help me get started

  41. Please send me some free veg seeds we are starting a community veg garden and are in need of everything can you please help

  42. Can u please send me seeds for free please for my dads allotment, I likedon Facebook as he doesn’t have it xxxx

  43. hi there, i have just started growing my won fruit and veg and would love to have this offer!

  44. Would love this, setting up a vegetable patch for first time!! X

  45. I am living on sheltered housing estate and have inherited a small garden space. As on very fixed income would love all free seeds if possible. Thank you for your time.

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